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Zephyr Cloud is a platform accelerate your development workflow by providing a simple way to deploy and manage your applications - cloud agnostic, framework agnostic and bundler agnostic1.

Under the hood, Zephyr takes a snapshot of your application and deploy it to the edge in sub-seconds2, allowing you to preview and test your application in a real-world environment before deploying it to production - make "testing in production" a reality. Whenever the version of your application is ready for production, you can promote it to production with a single click.

Whether you're are a small team or a large enterprise, Zephyr Cloud is designed to remove the ambiguity between different cloud providers, helping you build with speed and freedom.

Zephyr Cloud is now in public alpha. If you experience any issues, do jump in our Discord and let us know (we hang out here!).


Main Features

Some of Zephyr Cloud's features include:


Version control

Zephyr provides version control for your application and enabling your application to rollback and forward on chrome extension.

Rollback and forward

Zephyr provides rollback and forward features for your application.

Sub-second deploy

Zephyr provides sub-second deploy for your application.

Long-lived preview links

Zephyr provides long-lived preview links for your application.

Dependency management

Zephyr provides dependency management for your application.

Details subject to change or under development.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

We don't assume you know everything about cloud or edge. Whenever we mention a concept or a piece of software, we aim to provide relevant links wherever possible. Our documentation site is Open Sourced, if you wish to contribute, do check out our Github and open any issues/pull requests.

At the same time, it'd be useful to have a basic understanding of modern frontend frameworks such as React, running commands in terminals, node, package management solutions such as npm and the concept (or usage) of monorepo. If you're new to web development, we recommend checking out MDN Web Docs for a comprehensive guide.


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  1. Additional functionalities are currently under development.
  1. Based on internal benchmarks. Initial deployment time may vary.