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Introducing Module Federation in Webpack 5Jack HerringtonA deep dive into module federation in Webpack 5 in 2020
Five Module Federation/Micro-Frontend MistakesJack HerringtonJack talks about some mistakes that people make, and misconceptions people have, about the this Webpack 5 functionality, as well as how to avoid them.
Micro Frontends - Rspack and Module Federation v1.5Russell CanfieldSurprisingly straightforward example to convert an existing monorepo using webpack and Module Federation v1 to using rspack and Module Federation v1.5
Module Federation A game changer in JavaScript architectureVitor AlencarIntroduce how module federation allowing small and independant modules to be shared and integrated into larger applications.
Module Federation and BeyondZack JacksonAdvancement in module federation in 2024, new APIs and roadmaps of related tooling in the future.
Micro Frontends With Module FederationLuca MezzaliraBuilding a game with micro frontends using Module Federation
Module Federation: The Federated Applications RevolutionZack Jackson
Mastering Micro-Frontends With RSpack and Module FederationJack HerringtonUsing RSpack with Module Federation
Micro frontends - NX, Rspack, Module Federation with new Federated Types!Russell CanfieldUpgrading an NX Monorepo using Module Federation with webpack over to rspack and the new Module Federation plugins from '@module-federation/enhanced'.
Beyond Micro Frontends - Three Additional Things Module Federation Makes PossibleManfred SteyerThree different scenarios beyond Micro Frontends: Plugin-based systems that use extensions provided via an app store, A/B testing, and the drastic acceleration of your build times. By the end, you will know how to use these possibilities in your applications.
Taming the React Native monolith with Module FederationTom ShermanHow to break up a large React Native app into smaller, more manageable pieces using Module Federation.
State Management for Module Federation Four WaysJack HerringtonFour different state managers and state management approaches you can use in your Module Federation architecture. Including Zustand, Redux, Context and prop drilling.
Micro Frontends - Module Federation v1.5 Plugins with rspackRussell CanfieldAdding a simple plugin to a Module Federation v1.5 setup using rspack, allows us to log the share scope to investigate how our modules are sharing dependencies at runtime.
Micro Frontends with Module FederationManfred SteyerMicro Frontends Summit 2023

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Use module federation to share code in a distributed systemMike StelzerDiscover explains how to use module federation to share code.
Understanding Webpack Module Federation: A Deep DiveZack JacksonA thorough, deep dive into Module Federation in Webpack 5