A key initial design goal for Zephyr Cloud was to enable incremental adoption. Upon installing the Zephyr package, it operates in an "observe only" mode. This means it starts to build a graph of your federated applications without requiring changes to your CI/CD pipeline or extensive configuration efforts.


Initially, Zephyr Cloud acts as a side effect of your build process.

Dependency Graph

Zephyr necessitates that you build the most distant remote first to accurately construct the dependency graph. Failing to do so will result in the following error:

[ConfigurationError: [zephyr]: Could not resolve remote entry points for urls: - remote1.zephyr-examples.zackarychapple - remote2.zephyr-examples.zackarychapple Please build them with Zephyr first or add as Unmanaged applications. Note: you can read application uid as follows: - remote1 - project.json 'name' field of remote application - zephyr-examples - git repository name - zackarychapple - git organization name Or join and ask a question in our discord: ]